Mediation is an approach to solving problems in which a third party (a mediator) helps people with family law problems reach a resolution without going to court.

Mediators are specially trained to help people resolve conflict. They're also trained to not take sides. Unlike a judge, a mediator doesn't impose solutions on people. Instead, the mediator helps people to find their own solutions to their problems. Some mediators are lawyers.

Mediation Referral pilot program

LSS and Mediate BC are offering the Family Mediation Referrals program to increase access to affordable mediation services for family law matters.

Services include:

  • mediation services by a private family mediator,
  • information and options for resolving legal issues out-of-court,
  • help for families to reach an out-of-court agreement, and
  • referrals to advice services to prepare and support clients through mediation.

The program provides a referral to Mediate BC for six hours of paid family mediation services if:

  • you're financially eligible, and
  • your legal issue doesn't qualify for representation by a legal aid lawyer.

It helps families address:

  • property,
  • debt,
  • spousal support issues, and
  • any child-related issues.

To apply for this service, visit a legal aid office or contact the LSS Call Centre.

Mediate BC will offer mediation services beyond the six paid hours from the referral. For these services, you pay what you can afford, based on your income and assets.